Remove Yourself From Group Text On Android

Looking to remove yourself from a group text on your Android phone? Sadly, you can’t leave a group text, but you can still mute or delete the thread in your Messages app.

Group texts are a useful method of communication when you need to convey the same message to a number of people. Instead of doing that individually, you can simply create a group of all the concerned parties and send the message. It also provides a convenient platform to share ideas, discuss, and conduct meetings. Communication between various committees and groups are also easier because of group chats.

However, there are certain downsides to this. Group chats can become annoying, especially if you were reluctant to be a part of the conversation or the group in general. You keep receiving hundreds of messages every day which do not concern you. Your phone keeps ringing from time to time to notify you of these messages. Apart from simple text messages, people share a lot of photos and videos which are nothing but spam to you. They get downloaded automatically and consume space. Reasons like these make you want to quit these group chats as soon as possible.

Remove Yourself From a Group Text On Android

As mentioned earlier, you can’t really quit a group chat but the best thing that you can do instead is to block the notifications. Follow these steps to do that.

How to Mute Notifications form a Group Chat?

1. Click on the default messaging app icon.

2. Now open the Group chat that you want to mute.

3. On the top right-hand side you will see three vertical dots. Click on them.

4. Now select the group details option.

5. Click on the Notifications option.

6. Now simply toggle off the options to allow notifications and to display in the status bar.

This will stop any notification from the respective group chat. You can repeat the same steps for every group chat that you wish to mute. You can also prevent multimedia messages which are shared in these group chats from getting downloaded automatically.

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How to Prevent the auto-download of Multimedia Messages?

1. Click on the default messaging app icon.

2. On the top right-hand side, you will see three vertical dots. Click on them.

3. Now click on the Settings option.

4. Now select the Advanced option.

5. Now simply toggle off the setting for auto-download MMS.

This will save both your data and your space. At the same time, you do not need to worry about your gallery getting filled with spam.

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Take note that there is also an option to delete the group chat completely but that just deletes the messages that are on your phone. It may remove the group chat for the time being but it comes back as soon as a new message is sent on the group. The only way to get removed from a group chat is by asking the creator of the group to remove you. This would require him/her to create a new group excluding you. If the creator is willing to that then you will be able to say goodbye to the group chat completely. Otherwise, you can always mute the notifications, disable auto-download of MMS, and simply ignore whatever conversation takes place on the group.